64% Of Indians Are Worried About The Rising Cost Of Healthcare

51% Indians Worry About Not Being Able To Afford Home Care

49% Of The Respondents Feel They Have To Rely On Others For Support

51% Feel They Could Run Out Of Money In Retirement

58% Think They Will Not Be Able To Live Comfortably

68% Of Working Class Indians Expect Their Children To Support Them Post Retirement

30% Of Current Retirees Receive Financial Support From Children

25% Say They Will Go Back To Work After Retirement If Need Arises

10% Would Seek Government Aid After Retirement If Need Arises

After reading the above statistics, the need for financial planning becomes clear. Seeking the advice of an independent, qualified financial planner who has the education, experience, knowledge, and character to guide your personal financial needs can help you plan for both short and long-term goals.